Greece @ Anuga 2019 COLOGNE
05/10/2019 -

ANUGA 2019

Cologne, Germany

Message from the Chairman and CEO

Welcome to the launch of an inspired vision for Greek exports—the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with Enterprise Greece commit to developing Greek exports further afield and increasing their competitive value. The objective is to ensure that Greek exports rise further and in particular, in the food and beverage sector. The Greek national pavilion is hosting 160 food and beverage companies that are enthusiastic about doing business at ANUGA 2019 and look forward to exploring new business propositions.

Greek food, the essence of the Mediterranean diet, has been recognized internationally for its healthful properties, fresh ingredients, and intense flavours. Our exhibitors represent all regions of Greece with PGI and PDO labels for many of their fine products. In order to expand this Mediterranean outreach, there will be guided tastings of fine foods that will be offered at GreeceGourmet in Europassage 10|11, a fine food meeting point for buyers, distributors and trade media.

Whenever you buy Greek food you are investing in taste, quality and the good life. Our message is an open invitation to food traders and industry professionals to join us in this growth market that offers great potential for development and expansion.

We invite you to invest in taste with us, in Halls 10.2|10.1|4.2|2.2|8.1 where our exhibitors will showcase their finest Mediterranean products, as only Greece can.

We, at Enterprise Greece, encourage you to meet with our exhibitors and become a part of this global business movement which is investing in the world’s favourite food.