Visit the Greek Pavilion
01/05/2015 -

Expo Milano 2015

Milan, Italy

Greek Pavilion

The Greek Table

The Greek Pavilion in Expo Milano 2015 is designed to welcome you to the land where the Mediterranean diet was developed, over generations, using little more than the basic elements of our earth—land, water, and air. Today, those elements remain the basis of our diet—and the products we produce for the world to enjoy.

You will have the opportunity to learn why Greek food stands out: when so much of the world’s food production is based on industrialized processes, the cuisine of Greece remains pure and unprocessed.

The Greek Table — Learn, Create, Interact

The Greek Pavilion is an area of intersection between the visitors and the Greek Periphery, the market of Greek products and Greek business partners.

By video projecting traditional and modern greek recipes, the visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the large variety and usage of herbs and spices of the hellenic countryside.

Therefore, flat panel displays have been elegantly placed in special tables with interactive capabilities. Furthermore, video projections highlight greek landscapes, traditional techniques, and regions of Greece, that produce some of the most delicious ingredients in the world.

Through this fine and simple construction of the Pavilion, the Greek Participation aspires to create a delicate and welcoming feeling to its visitors and make them become familiar with cooking traditional and modern greek meals, which have been preferred by food lovers and highlighted by famous chef, accompanied by remarkable greek wines.


After learning about the Greek table, you will want to travel to Greece and enjoy first hand our wonderful meze, salads, seafood, grills, snacks, desserts, wines and spirits. And wander the Greek countryside to smell the oregano, thyme and wild mint. Maybe sit on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea while sipping a cool aperitif.

That’s why we’ve arranged for a special kiosk of the Greek National Tourism Organisation at Expo Milano 2015—so you can plan your trip to Greece and share your own culinary experiences with your friends, family or loved ones.


In Greece, friends meet as a parea, a group of people who enjoy spending time together. Our pavilion welcomes you—and Expo Milano 2015 visitors from around the world, to meet in our space.

The Greek Pavilion creates a space that reflects the human scale of interaction, community, and sustainable agricultural practices. With hues of the earth, the sea, and the sky, you will immediately understand the meaning of the Greek landscape.

At the same time, we have embedded video screens and digital tables to convey the bounty and beauty of Greece.

Designed to express the elemental forces of the earth, the relationship of man to nature, and the need for a sustainable future, οur Pavilion expresses an approach that combines the best of traditional practices with the best of what technology has to offer.

Our interactive Pavilion lets each visitor learn firsthand about the products of the Greek land, and the Greek seas, that form the basis of one of the most beneficial diets in the world today, a diet that combines both indulgence and health!