Visit the Greek Pavilion
01/05/2015 -

Expo Milano 2015

Milan, Italy

The Concept

Greek Food: Sharing the Flavors of Health

The theme “Greek Food: Sharing the Flavors of Health” is based on the inherent wisdom of the Greek diet as a universal standard for the production and consumption of food products that are affordable and delicious, that have stood the test of time and that, above all, promote health.

The main characteristics of Greek cuisine directly relate to the Expo Milano 2015 main theme “Feeding the Planet – Energy For Life”, with the Greek diet known for its endless range of plant-based dishes and for recipes that vary depending on the season and region.

The Greek diet combines two seemingly contradictory elements: indulgence and health. It is a diet of inclusion, not abstinence.

Sharing is at the heart of social interaction throughout the world. With our theme at Expo Milano 2015 “Greek Food—Sharing the Flavors of Health” we are delighted to share the story of Greek cuisine, one of the most beloved in the world. It is a diet that embraces the joy of life. Food-related issues which burden western societies, such as obesity, allergies and gluten intolerance, can be largely overcome by the adoption of the Greek diet.

Feeding the earth’s population today requires the judicious use of land, caring for our water and preserving our seas, and ensuring our air is clean and pure. With a sustainable agricultural policy, we can maintain the flavors of years past while ensuring generations to come of nutritious, wholesome diets.

At the same time, smart technologies can assist us along the way. Integrating suitable technology, created at an appropriate scale, can boost crop yields, improve transport times, and enhance the entire logistics infrastructure.