Meet the Exhibitors @ Fruitlogistica 2017
08/02/2017 -

Fruitlogistica 2017


Messe Berlin - Hall 2


Power-up with us at the Greek fruit bar FRESH START.


Yiannis Tsivourakis and Stelios Fanourakis two talented and imaginative executive chefs will be your hosts at the FRESH START fruit bar.

They will seduce you and introduce you to juices, yoghurt- flavoured treats, and other sumptuous Greek food concepts. They cut, dice and slice fresh Greek fruit and present it in many different ways. You will be able to taste first-hand what the four seasons in Greece have to offer. Take a break and power-up with us.

Even the vegetables from Greece taste better they take on a new meaning, no more boring and flavourless vegetables, Greek salads that burst with fresh sensations and exciting colours are now at your table.

Visit us at FRESH START and indulge your senses with fresh, delicious and healthy fruit and vegetables.