Greece @ Gulfood 2020 - DUBAI
16/02/2020 -


DUBAI 2020, Dubai UAE

Filo Pastry

Filo Pastry is a paper-thin sheet of dough and it is one of the basic ingredients of Greek cuisine in baking. You can also find it by the names Fillo or Phylo.

Filo Pastry is very elastic and by folding it, rolling it or stacking it in different ways you can have different presentations of your recipe. Filo pastry is lighter and more healthy than puff pastry, since it contains no fat or margarine and for baking it Olive oil is usually used. During the years of the Ottoman Empire, Filo Pastry became well known throughout the Middle East and the Balkans and it is widely used in all local cuisines.

Typical Greek dishes with Filo Pastry are the famous Tiropita (Cheese Pie), Spanakopita (Spinach and cheese Pie) and Baklava (a desert with almonds, walnuts covered in light syrup). Filo Pastry was discovered by Haute Cuisine, because of its fine texture, excellent presentation and discrete flavor that accentuate the taste of the ingredients that fill it. For Filo pastry, the only boundary is the chef’s imagination.