Greece @ Gulfood 2020 - DUBAI
16/02/2020 -


DUBAI 2020, Dubai UAE

Greek Peaches

From the 1950s onwards, peaches have been one of the agricultural main stays in the area, cultivated systematically in Northern Greece. Nectarines arrived later and gained commercial importance among growers from the 1970s onwards.

Most of the peaches grown commercially in Greece are yellow-fleshed, although there are a few white-fleshed varieties cultivated, too. Peaches for industrial use are suitable for canning purposes, for purees concentrate and aseptic production. These peaches are known as yellow cling and the varieties are: Katerina, Loadel, Andros (a37-A39) Evert.

The color is considered as yellowish to light orange. Canned peaches from Greece apply over 55% to the international canned peach business; and are well known for the fresh taste, flavor and the unique aroma that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In order of commercial importance, the main table-fruit varieties cultivated in Greece are: Red Haven, Spring Crest, Spring Lady, June Gold, Flavour Crest, Maria Bianca, Sun Cloud, Sun Crest, May Crest, J. H. Hale, Fayette and Flaminia.

Other varieties, such as Early May Crest, Spring Belle, Royal Glory and O’ Henry are also cultivated. Peaches are the third most commercially important fruit export from Greece. The main variety exported is the Red Haven.