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19/03/2017 -


Düsseldorf, Germany

Hall 9, Hall 12, Hall 13

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Ms Karabasi Maria

Tel: +30 2392 035953

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Hall: 12 - Stand #: B44

Company Profile Τhe traditional heritage of our family’s love is the distillation of tsipouro.Τhe mission of DORODOULI tsipouro & spirit collection is to approach from generation to generation this passion with new wings and translate local northern Greek distillation recipe into a superior product. Our goal is the evolution of the authentic ancient method and recipes. A collection that is equivalent to the transition of Greek heritage in the new world with respect to tradition.
Principles and perspectives that follow our team are development, research, faith in expertise, strict compliance with the new rules of environmental protection and energy saving. The target of our group is the combination of experience and research in large-scale production with the training of our members on European standards. The welcome of the new generation expands our requirements and focus on new green development standards and good resource management in an open company where ” the spirit distil spirits”.

Products Profile:
Classico collection : Tsipouro , tsipouro with anise, Aged tsipouro , Tsipouro BIO.
Alchemestes collection : Distillate , Brandy, Spirit distillate . Tsipouro, Aged tsipouro.