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19/03/2017 -


Düsseldorf, Germany

Hall 9, Hall 12, Hall 13

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Mr Nikolaos Pilavas

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Hall: 12 - Stand #: B44

The Pilavas family has been distilling ouzo, brandy and a variety of liqueurs for three generations. Our recipe has remained the same for nearly 60 years: fine ingredients, double distillation and lots of patience. We take pride in our long-lasting relationships with our clients. To us, they’re not just customers but members of an ever- expanding family. As such, we make sure that no demand remains unsatisfied. We’re strongly positioned in the Greek market and export to nine other European countries, all the while taking pride in remaining a family business with a modern profile.

Products Profile:

Ouzo: Ouzo has always been–and still is–our main distilled product. Strictly adhering to Nikos Pilavas’ secret recipe from the 1940’s, our ouzo remains in stainless steel vats for 2-3 months after distillation. This process bestows our ouzo with a smooth, sweet taste that makes it particularly easy to enjoy,

Tentura: Tentura has been the traditional liqueur of Patra for well over a century.
It combines the aromas of carnation, cinnamon and nutmeg with extracts of Mavrodafni, Patra’s famous sweet red wine. It is perfect as a digestif after a meal, as a cocktail mixer, or straight up in a shot glass,

Mastiha: The famous medieval villages of the southern part of the island of Chios, with their narrow streets, arches and distinctive architecture of houses decorated with “xysta” are unique in Greece. The tear of the mastiha tree that thrives on this island exclusively is unique as well. Savour Pilavas Mastiha Liqueur and enjoy its aromatic temperament and delightful to the senses as a tour in breathtaking landscapes the characterize it can be. The product contains real Mastiha tears,

Tsipouro: Pilavas family with years of experience, selects the best grapes and follows the traditional recipes of Epirus. From sorting to distillation and bottling, tradition blends with technology to give you this wonderful snaps,
Brandy / Liqueur : Our brandy and wide variety of liqueurs are produced using the finest ingredients and are widely appreciated for their unique, mellow taste.