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19/03/2017 -


Düsseldorf, Germany

Hall 9, Hall 12, Hall 13

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Mr. Argiris Sokos

Tel: +30 22630 62759

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Hall: 9 - Stand #: C67

Vineyard Viniculture Sokos SA winery, has been in production for the last forty years in the region of Kitherona’s Mountain, renowned for thousands of years for the fine quality of its wine, and his creations reflect the long – standing tradition of a careful selection of the best grapes and the blending of exquisite aromas which characterize this area.

The area is rich in mythology, based on the vine, and the Kitherona Mountain was where the god Dionysus – Bacchus was worshipped in ancient times. Nymphs, satyrs and the god Pan dwelled in the caves of the mountain and celebrated by drinking the same wine as that which is produced today on the slopes of Kithairona.

Since then, wine has naturally been the central feature of Kitherona’s major festivities and forty years experience in wine making are the basis for Andreas Sokos’ belief that his winery has succeeded in recreating, in Kitherona, the exuberant and joyful mythology of Dionysus – Bacchus!

Winery exists in Erythres of Attica since 1983 and till then its remarkable development has classified it among the biggest wineries in country. We cooperate with all know chains of Greece and furthermore, with Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus), Canada, USA and Russian Federation. Our distinctions among the international wine competitions (Decanter WWA, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Challenge International du Vin,) plus our international certification (IFS Higher Level), can tell the best of our quality wines and the remarkable turnover of our winery.