Greece @ ProWein 2019
17/03/2019 -


ProWein - Düsseldorf, Germany

Chairman’s Message

Once again, we welcome our exhibitors and visitors to this year’s edition of Prowein 2019.

This is an exciting year for the Greek wine and spirits industry and we are pleased to report that Greek wine sales have risen dramatically in the past years leading up to 2016, having increased by 81.6 % in the USA, 90.% in Canada, 555.9 % in China, 104.9 % in Australia and 562 % in Japan.

As the national pavilion for Greece we are proud to have with us, Greece’s best— both in wine and spirits— and invite you to join us at our wine and spirits bars for a preview of what’s new.

At our wine bar in Hall 17, you can sample the combination of indigenous varieties and exciting terroirs that distinguishes Greek wines. In a wine -world with so much uniformity, Greek wines are focused on the unique flavours of indigenous varieties, originating from some of the world’s most amazing terroirs.

At our spirits bar in Hall 12, we are launching our grape marc, Tsipouro. Ouzo will also be at front stage, as it is very popular in Germany, and among other European countries. Meze or small bites to eat, while sipping, will be served with the distillates. Both these spirits serve as a great example of the creativity of Greek distillers.

All in all, this evolution of our wine and spirits is an acknowledgement of our cultural heritage and tradition, and is above all, an investment made with credence and confidence.

Grigoris Stergioulis
Chairman & CEO