Greece @ ProWein 2019
17/03/2019 -


ProWein - Düsseldorf, Germany

Spirits Bar

Over the past few years, Greek distillers have been working miracles, with a growing number of vintners joining their ranks and bartenders using Greek spirits in cocktails, giving them their own distinctive twist. Excellent tsipouro, premium ouzo, brandy, tentura, and mastiha liqueur are now gaining an international reputation. They are leading the way for a new category in the Greek beverage business and its future is certainly bright.

At the spirits bar, you are welcome to taste some tsipouro and ouzo along with some meze, the way Greeks drink their distillates. Vasiliki Koutsovoulou, our sommelier will guide you through your tasting.

Vasiliki Koutsovoulou is an Oenologist and a Sommelier.

She is working towards final completion of her International Master’s Vintage Degree, from Angers, France.

In 2019, she was appointed Secretary General of the Greek Association of Sommeliers.

Her academic and working experience revolves around wine, spirits, and olive oil, with an emphasis in the fields of winemaking, sommelier-service, retail sales, social media and marketing.

She is the co-founder of the first and only wine blog in Greece operated by women.

At present, she mainly works as a Wine Buyer and Wine & Spirits consultant for the Wine Room Mykonos, and she is co-organizer of the annual Peloponnese Wine Festival in Athens and Cyprus.