Greece @ SIAL 2018 - PARIS
21/10/2018 -


SIAL 2018, Paris France

Mediterranean food


Greece’s unique Mediterranean diet includes ingredients such as the olive and olive oil. Greek olives come in many shapes, sizes and colours which denote their variety. Some olive varieties have a PDO/PGI designation. While, Greek olive oils take their place among the leading olive oils in the world and can be sourced from all regions of the Peloponnese, north Aegean islands, Ionian islands and Crete. Each region brings its distinct flavour, colour, density, and other characteristics to Greek gastronomy.

Greek cheese has PDO and PDI designations and offers a range of varied cheeses from many regions of Greece. Yoghurts, and other dairy products are also popular and can be found on supermarket shelves worldwide. Luscious fruit and a broad range of delicious vegetables are staples in the Greek diet and grow naturally in the Greek temperate climate.

Other Greek products that are well-loved by everyone, include natural honey from flowers, herbs or pine, pastry and bakery products, and a fabulous selection of wild herbs and exotic spices.