Greece @ SIAL 2018 - PARIS
21/10/2018 -


SIAL 2018, Paris France


Message from the Chairman and CEO

Enterprise Greece, the national invest and trade agency of Greece, is proud to welcome visitors from all corners of the world to SIAL Paris 2018.

Greek food, the essence of the Mediterranean diet, has been recognized internationally for its healthful properties, fresh ingredients, and intense flavours. Our exhibitors represent all regions of Greece with PGI and PDO labels for many of their fine products.

Whenever you buy Greek food you are investing in taste, quality and the good life. Our message is an open invitation to food traders and industry professionals to join us in this growth market that offers great potential for development and expansion.

We invite you to invest in taste with us, in Halls 2, 7, 5A, B,& C where our exhibitors will showcase their finest Mediterranean products, as only Greece can.

We, at Enterprise Greece, encourage you to meet with our exhibitors and become a part of this global business movement which is investing in the world’s favourite food.

Grigoris Stergioulis
Chairman and CEO

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.
Hippocrates 460 BC- 370 BC