Greece @ Summer Fancy Food 2016, Level 3 Hall 3B
26/06/2016 -

Summer Fancy Food Show
New York City

Javits Center, New York City

Bakery Products


The materials of the Greek land, such as mastic, fruits, almonds, the unique in taste and aroma thyme honey, local delicious dairy products, and particular aromatic herbs are the basis for a separate Greek gastronomic proposal.

Sweets and bakery products in Greece have always been interwoven with the joys and sorrows of the Greek family. This tradition holds till now. The morning coffee, the evening visits to homes, the so-called ‘veggeres’, official visits to homes, the feasts of Easter and Christmas, but also the hard times are all enriched by the unimaginable wealth of Greek gastronomy of pastries and bakery goods.

Keeping the love and passion of the past and using the best materials available today, we continue this excellent sweet tradition … like in the old days…