Meet the Greek participants @ The Big 5
23/11/2015 -

The Big 5

Dubai, UAE

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Mr Antonios Argoudelis

Tel: +306976480859

Fax: +302106779269


Alpha Acoustiki Ltd

Hall 8 Stand D330

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd, is one of the leading firms in acoustics, noise and vibration control in Europe. It is utilising the most advanced equipment and its staff experience in the field, to resolve complex noise control problems.

We also carry out advanced acoustic studies, that include architectural acoustics (prediction-simulation-auralization), but also prediction of noise propagation in open space (highway, railway, airports and industrial plant noises).

Our highly specialised team of engineers with 25 years of experience in the field can deal with any noise and vibration control problem (spring mounts, rubber pads, ceiling hangers etc).