Meet the Greek participants @ The Big 5
23/11/2015 -

The Big 5

Dubai, UAE

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Mr. Anthony Fragatos

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Best Tyre Protection Sealant Int’l


BEST Tyre protection Sealant International has created a resin which can sustain rubber crumbs and fibres in a homogenized solution, formulated as liquid rubber.

Our high quality team of Chemical and Mechanical Engineers is committed to the highest levels of quality for our products. Our R&D department develops products to meet clients’ specifications.

Thousands of satisfied clients worldwide have driven millions of kilometers, moving millions of tones basing their business in tyres treated with BEST T.P.S®

Major Tyre Dealers, State owned and Private companies, Truck fleets, Earth movers, Quarries, Waste haulers and Contractors, in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa enjoy the benefits of BEST T.P.S®