Meet the Greek participants @ The Big 5
23/11/2015 -

The Big 5

Dubai, UAE

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Mr. Michael Xenos

Tel: +302102812518

Fax: +302102812227


Gauzer – Bros Xenos O.E.

Hall 8 Stand B347

GAUZER was established in the early ‘70’s and has multi-decade experience in producing solar collectors and hot water solar boilers in different sizes and types.

Integra Drain Back
Closed Drain-back solar systems are highly durable systems offering a unique way to prevent reverse heat flow, freezing or overheating.

Passive Solar Systems
Our passive solar systems are suitable for hot water applications and heating. Sizes up to 400lt.

“Dionissos” Solar Collectors
The “Dionissos” is a top quality highly efficient solar collector for demanding applications.

Complete Solar Heating Solutions
We offer also home heating solar systems, pool heating systems and many more.