Meet the Greek participants @ The Big 5
23/11/2015 -

The Big 5

Dubai, UAE

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Mr. Stelios Bakalis

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KDF Kataskeves Dapedon Ltd

Hall 8 Stand A347

KDF Greece ( is manufacturing and trading the full range of sports flooring materials. We got a factory in Greece , one more in Turkey and we have a company (PREMIUM FLOORINGS) plus warehouses in UAE, where we keep a decent stock of all our basic sports flooring materials. Plus, we are now starting production in UAE. In combination with our staff of 11 people in GCC, we provide unmatched service and competitiveness in the GCC region and beyond (all Middle East, North Africa , India ).

Our systems are certified with ITF, IAAF, EU norms, LNE, LABOSPORT, ISASPORT, to name but a few. Most important, we are not just providing good EU materials and prices. We are offering full service and physical presence, coupled with proven technical expertise.