Greece - Partner Country of Anuga 2015
10/10/2015 -

ANUGA 2015

Cologne, Germany

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Mr. Em. Kountouris

Tel: +30 22960 22559

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Hall: 10.2 - Stand I-015a

Agrotiki is a leading Greek company specialized in the process, refining and export of the world famous Greek olive oils. Our excellent prices and quality have made us proud market leaders in the oil business, with 50 year experience in the industry to prove it. We are one of the largest refineries in Europe, and currently we export to more than 45 countries worldwide.

Our product range consists of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive pomace oil and Pure olive oil in several sizes and packaging. We produce our own brand but we are also very experienced in private label. Our plant is fully certified with all health certificates such as ISO 22000, BRC, IFS etc. For a better view of who we are and what we do, you can also visit our website at

Product Profile
Extra Virgin olive oil, Olive pomace oil, Pure olive oil

“Ellinis” Extra Virgin Olive oil is being offered in glass, PET and tins, all in several sizes and packaging. Our oil is being produced from selected groves from the Peloponnesus peninsula, producing the world famous Greek Extra virgin olive oil. It is ideal for salads, grilled fish and meat and imperative for a healthy diet.

Our brand “Agrotiki” Olive pomace oil, is an oil produced from the heart of the olive fruit, refined and blended with extra virgin olive oil, green in colour and ideal for frying, cooking and baking. It is highly recommended for its high resistance to heat and allows frying and cooking to have a crispy and light result. It comes in glass, PET and tins, in several sizes.

Our brand “Agrotiki” Pure olive oil, as a blend of virgin and refined olive oil, is light in flavour and taste, ideal for all purpose cooking, as an alternative to butter or margarine. Thanks to its higher smoking point than other olive oils it can be used easily for sautéing, frying and general cooking.

Agrotiki SA is exporting to more than 45 countries worldwide, namely: Germany, UK, Switzerland, Estonia, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Japan, South Africa, Australia and several others.