Greece - Partner Country of Anuga 2015
10/10/2015 -

ANUGA 2015

Cologne, Germany

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George Hatzigeorgiou

Tel: +30 25210 82082

Fax: +30 25210 82110



Hall 10.2 - Stand H-028a

Almond Products Hatzigeorgiou S.A. is established in Adriani-Drama Greece, since 1984. The company is equipped with up to date laboratory equipment and experienced staff that constitute a guarantee of product quality, born out by the ISO 22000 certification.

Almost 30 years of experience in dried nuts elaboration can confirm that Almonds Products Hatzigeorgiou S.A. is a leader in the Greek dried fruit market.

Hatzigeorgiou S.A. operates in the dried fruit industry and especially the entire of Almond and Walnut products. The company extending its operation abroad has established a new manufacturing unit in Ukraine, Agrofood S.A., focusing on walnut products elaboration. Walnuts are exported to Morocco, Cyprus, and Algeria.

The company is a wholesaler and supplying goods to Chocolate & Ice Cream industries, confectionery shops, repackaging companies, wholesalers, retailers, smaller trade companies. It also exports to Cyprus, European Union, Morocco, and the Balkan countries.

The company specialties are walnuts (halves, quarters, mixed) natural & blanched almonds, pistachios, peanuts and hazelnuts.

Product Profile
Almond kernels, hazelnut kernels, peanut kernels, cashew nuts, pistachio kernels, dried prunes, apricots and dates.