Greece - Partner Country of Anuga 2015
10/10/2015 -

ANUGA 2015

Cologne, Germany

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Vasiliki Kokinou

Tel: +30 210 5751896

Fax: +30 210 5717113


Attiki Bee Culturing Co., Alexandros Pittas SA

Hall 10.2 - Stand H - 027

Since 1928 Attiki-Pittas is a family company who launched Greek honey, branded with the guarantee of excellent quality.

This is thanks to great periods of sunshine combined with the landscape characteristics of around 6,000 different types of natural flowers, herbs and trees, and 1,000 of which are only found in Greece. Greek honey is unique for its rich taste and aroma.

Attiki-Pittas has the mission of collection, control, packaging and sale of more than 2,000 tonnes of Greek honey per year under its brands: ATTIKI and FINO. ATTIKI-PITTAS has the biggest market share of packed honey in Greece and is the lead exporter to more than 37 countries worldwide.

ATTIKI-PITTAS company offers also other bee products, products with honey and other traditional products of Greek origin under its brand ATTIKI. With one of the most advanced laboratories in Europe for Quality Control and Assurance, with HACCP, ISO 14001 & 22000 and an integrated traceability system, ATTIKI-PITTAS guarantees excellent quality and meets the requirements of modern consumers.

Product Profile
Greek honey, fresh royal jelly, fresh bees pollen, honey halva (no sugar, or glucose), classic halva, tahini, loukoumi, sweet vanilla and sweet masticha, sesame snacks

Attiki Greek honey brand from wild flora and thyme
Attiki Greek honey brand thyme from the Greek Islands
Attiki Greek honey brand fir tree honey
Fino honey brand from the Greek forests
Golden Crete Thyme honey from Crete Greek island
Synergasia brand Cretan Honey
Attiki fresh royal jelly in tube of 10g
Attiki fresh bees-pollen in glass jar of 200g
Attiki honey halva without sugar or glucose in three types vanilla, cocoa and vanilla with almonds
Attiki classic halva in four types vanilla, cocoa, almonds and pistachio
Attiki brand loukoumi in four types: with honey and walnuts, sweet bites, rose and akanes
Attiki brand sweet vanilla and masticha
Attiki brand Jams
Synergasia brand sesame bars