Greece - Partner Country of Anuga 2015
10/10/2015 -

ANUGA 2015

Cologne, Germany

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Menelaos Geronikolos

Tel: +302721099641

Fax: +302721099622


Baldjis Menelas VEKAP Ltd

Hall: 10.2 - Stand H-024

Our company, MENELAS BALDJIS VEKAP LTD, is one of the oldest and most experienced canneries in Greece, indeed in the whole Balkans area and it was established in 1910 by Menelas Baldjis. He was the first Greek Fig Producer and Exporter – the man who made Green Figs famous worldwide.

As the years were passing by, we packed and exported, dried figs, pulp tomatoes, canned peaches in light syrup, canned apricots in light syrup and of course the unique product of FRESH FIGS IN LIGHT SYRUP, which is even now served in the best hotels, restaurants, super markets all around the world.

These highly respected quality certificates, together with the world famous brand name of BALDJIS Ltd, guarantee only the most tasteful and quality foods are served to every table, in every country all over the world.
Our company has been CERTIFIED with ISO 22000 and BRC (Grade A).

Product Profile
Fresh Figs in Light Syrup ,
Dried Figs in Light Syrup,
Fresh Figs Jam,
Sundried Figs,
Strawberries in Light Syrup,
Artichoke Hearts in Water,
Wild Artichoke Bottoms,
Artichoke Paste,
Black Olives,
Olive Paste.

Kalamata Fresh Figs in Light Syrup 410gr 820 gr in easy open can or jar,
Kalamata Dried Figs in Light Syrup 410gr 820gr in easy open can or jar,
Kalamata Fresh Figs Jam 300gr jar,
Kalamata Sundried Figs 240gr in jar or Guirland,
Greek Strawberries in Light Syrup 410gr, 820gr in easy open can,
Greek Artichoke Hearts in Water 250gr in jar,
Kalamata Wild Artichoke Bottoms 200gr in jar,
Greek Artichoke Paste 120gr in jar,
Kalamata Black Olives 420gr, 840gr in easy open can,
Kalamata Olive Paste 190gr in jar