Greece - Partner Country of Anuga 2015
10/10/2015 -

ANUGA 2015

Cologne, Germany

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Tel: + 30 27420 20410

Fax: + 30 27420 71153


http://www.primaroli .gr


Hall 10.2 Stand # H-049

The company Primaroli S.A. is specialized in the production, treatment, marketing of Black Corinthian Currant and Soultanas Raisins from the 2000.

The year 2006 was bought from S.KO.S. A.E.S. A.S.E. S.KO.S. (Currants, Corinthian Raisins, Cooperative) members are the unions of rural cooperatives, regions that produce Corinthian Currants.

It is based in Patras of Achaia, like the parent company the factory is in Kaisari Korinthias about 20 km from Kiato Corinth 100 km from Athens at an altitude of about 800 meters.

The weather and the local microclimate make possible supply the plant with excellent quality currants from the surrounding area as well as maintaining them until the standardization and packaging.