Greece - Partner Country of Anuga 2015
10/10/2015 -

ANUGA 2015

Cologne, Germany

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Hall 10.2 Stand # H-029

YIOTIS S.A. is one of the oldest yet most innovative companies in Greece. It was established in 1930, by Ioannis and Maria Yiotis who started their business with the vision to provide children with rich in nutritive elements food, originating from top quality and locally cultivated raw materials such as corn and rice.

From that time and during its 85 years course as one of the leading companies in the food and beverage industry, YIOTIS S.A. is committed in setting new trends and opening new paths for Greek dietary habits. From this point of view company’s history is a series of significant milestones and successful moments. It was the first to introduce solid baby food, self-raising flour, instantly made desserts and many other innovative products for cooking and baking which met even the most demanding needs of its customers.


YIOTIS S.A. produces and distributes more than 300 products under the brand name JOTIS (ΓΙΩΤΗΣ). The brand name stands for Superior Quality, Innovation, Consumer Satisfaction, Delicious taste and Convenience. The brand has 99% awareness in Greece.

Sanilac is an infant milk range of high nutritional value which covers the needs of babies in all stages of growth, providing necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Caotonic is an instant drink with cocoa for children, enriched with 11 vitamins, 3 minerals and iron.

HEMO is a chocolate powder with chocolate taste, rich in vitamins, minerals and malt.

Sweet & Balance product range combine the characteristics of a healthy diet: no sugar, fibres, reduced fat and low Glycemic Index (G.I.). The range is suitable for those who are on a weight control and people with diabetes

Fytro products are ideal for those who care about their diet, have healthy lifestyle or are on weight control. Due to the dietary fibres and their refined caloric and fat content combine the features of a balanced diet.

ΒΙΟ ORGANIC is a complete range of organic products produced from selected raw materials and meet all requirements of organic farming.